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We have over 22 years experiencein our company makes us stronger and more capable in recognizing customer requirements.

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Gergoci company

Gergoci company is one of the first in our country with activities
since 2000, constantly committed to quality. In our products
we have managed to have our own market with satisfied clients.

Primary for us is the quality of every product we offer.

In the beginning we offered jobs only in our country, then thanks to our tireless work and our maximum dedication we managed to penetrate the markets abroad.

The 22 years of experience of our company makes us stronger and more capable in recognizing customer requirements and offering our products made with the highest quality in the market.

Years Experience
Projects Completed
Satisfied Customers

THE ADVANTAGE OFGergoci is its commitment to the quality of its products

Superior values

Worthy products

An exceptional calibre

The pledge of quality

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Superior values,
Superior products

The company can not be successful if the activity is not regulated. It can not be done if management does not set the right values for work organization and team.

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