ACO’s classic 3-latch lock Z-TF now has two additional multifunctional latches to complement the standard cranked latch. This produces an optimal, permanent gasket compression over the entire height of the door. The door leaf is held securely and reliably, without additional locking.

This delivers the best anti-burglary characteristics with up to four safety bolts. The new option with multifunctional latches and hook locking (MF-HO) also brings other practical benefits.

New variant MF-HO locking

In the version with hook locking (MF-HO), two hooks that extend upwards increase burglary prevention and thus supplement smooth operation with maximum security.

Another advantage is the day release, which can be retrofitted optionally – ideal for buildings with several residential units. Compatibility with E-Openers has also been improved as despite the 3-latch technology, the MF-HO side lock only requires a single E-Opener (instead of three). This saves fabrication effort.

It’s also very practical as in both the semi-automatic and mechanical variant, each MF-HO-based lock uses the same striker plate range. Thus, all four cylinder-operated lock families (Z-TS, Z-TF, A-TS and the upcoming M-TS motorised lock) all use the same striker plate range.

Curious? The MF-HO variant is available in Q2/2020 in all MACO markets.

A-TS Self-locking door lock

A-TS combines perfect locking technology with versatile opening variations. Once pulled closed, it is automatically locked in three places, by two hooks and the locking bolt. The key is only needed to close from the inside, so that children or pets do not go out wandering. The separation of the contact pressure and the locking is clever as the 3-latch technique generates a high contact pressure over the entire door height before being locked. This protects against door warping, draughts, moisture and heat loss and supports the locking mechanism, which makes it even more precise, secure and quieter.

The A-TS is the entrance ticket for comfortable access. With or without a motor, the highest security standards do not exclude maximum flexibility. There are no limits in height, variations or opening modes.

Triple locking

without a key

The door is pulled closed – 3 latches for perfect gasket compression

Three latches are triggered and ensure immediately permanent and evenly high gasket compression. The door closes absolutely tightly over the entire door height, leaving draughts and moisture outside and the warmth stays inside.

The closing mechanism is triggered

The main latch automatically triggers the locking mechanism as soon as the door enters the lock. In addition, a magnetic trigger monitors the correct closing – these are the two criteria for a secure locking. Two hooks and, this is unique, the locking latch also automatically trigger. The door is triple-locked, without a key.

Secure locking

Simply pull closed and it automatically locks – all without a key. Thus, no-one can get it, but everyone can get out. The door only has to be locked to prevent children or pets inadvertently going outside. A single key turn is enough.


Doorsystem bluEvolution 92

With a construction depth of 92 mm, six profile chambers and three sealing levels, the bluEvolution 92 entrance door is the perfect combination of security and energy efficiency. The entrance door leaf opens either inwards or outwards and is suitable for filling thicknesses of up to 60 mm – ideal for heat-insulating triple glazing and functional glazing and without any restrictions with coloured doors – all with a filigree visible width of only 164 mm.

Due to its well-conceived design, the barrier-free door threshold is suitable not only for entrance doors but is ideal for balcony and side entrance doors as well. The uPVC threshold with aluminium step protection is designed for single or double sash doors and offers special adapter profiles for barrier-free threshold passage. A long service life is ensured by the use of high-quality materials and sophisticated processing. Thanks to a broad palette of colours and decors, even unusual design wishes can be realized.


/// Up to Ud = 0.71 W/(m²K)

/// Burglary resistance class 2

Doorsystem bluEvolution 82

As the entry to a person’s home, the entrance door gives an important first impression about one’s personal style, character and taste. This information provides the developer and designer with new challenges every day. As a functional, but above all decorative and therefore highly personal element of a house, the entrance door must meet the strictest requirements in both function and design. It must be able to withstand unintentional slamming as well as the influences of extreme weather. High stability, optimal thermal insulation, excellent sound reduction and burglary protection, a long service life and sophisticated design are key criteria, which the entrance door systems of bluEvolution 82 more than fulfil.

bluEvolution 82 Alu

Aluminium cover profile

The ultimate in design diversity

To refine the visual appearance of the bluEvolution 82 door series, Salamander offers a high-quality aluminium cover profile solution. Anodized or RAL colours, matt or in finely-textured powder coating, DB colours or NCS – every colour wish can be fulfilled. The aluminium cover profile was specially developed for the Brügmann bluEvolution 82 system.

Prefabricated, laminated frames, welded or corrugated, or laminated bars for in-house production allow short production times. Simple and rational clip fastenings provide a quick and accurate connection with the highest level of quality – without any additional bonding.


/// Areas of application: Side and bottom hung windows, tilt and turn windows, secondary entrance door\

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