Roller shutters

White PVC window handles, selective focus with copy space

The high-quality ERO built-in roller shutters from HELLA can optimally be integrated in existing recesses or niches. For this reason they a perfectly suitable for both for a new building and renovations. They stand for the perfect blacking out, optimum view, glare and sun protection as well as the protection against the weather, the heat and the cold. In addition, they make a significant contribution to sound insulation and can effectively improve the burglary protection of a property.

Their advantages:

  • Roller shutters installed on the window or within the wall, each throughout the home development and in already present buildings.
  • They supply an ideal safety towards noise and considerably enhance the standard of life inside
  • They lower warmth energy wants within the constructing, lowering air-conditioning prices within the constructing
  • Via utility of a mosquito net they offer an ideal safety towards bugs, mosquitos and so forth.
  • They improve security stage as an additional anti-burglary safety
  • Manual and automatic control possibilty.
  • Large color vary permits to match to the colors of the constructing, home windows and so forth.

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