ACO’s classic 3-latch lock Z-TF now has two additional multifunctional latches to complement the standard cranked latch. This produces an optimal, permanent gasket compression over the entire height of the door. The door leaf is held securely and reliably, without additional locking.

This delivers the best anti-burglary characteristics with up to four safety bolts. The new option with multifunctional latches and hook locking (MF-HO) also brings other practical benefits.

New variant MF-HO locking

In the version with hook locking (MF-HO), two hooks that extend upwards increase burglary prevention and thus supplement smooth operation with maximum security.

Another advantage is the day release, which can be retrofitted optionally – ideal for buildings with several residential units. Compatibility with E-Openers has also been improved as despite the 3-latch technology, the MF-HO side lock only requires a single E-Opener (instead of three). This saves fabrication effort.

It’s also very practical as in both the semi-automatic and mechanical variant, each MF-HO-based lock uses the same striker plate range. Thus, all four cylinder-operated lock families (Z-TS, Z-TF, A-TS and the upcoming M-TS motorised lock) all use the same striker plate range.

Curious? The MF-HO variant is available in Q2/2020 in all MACO markets.

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