bluEvolution 82

bluEvolution 82

Windows are always unique
and a key value-adding factor

Windows make up just a small percentage of the construction costs yet have a major impact on the home:

− Windows which match the style of the building give the home a face and increase the value of the property.
− Daylight enhances the ambience in the home and has a positive effect on physical and mental well-being.
− The energy input of well-insulated windows acts like a heating system.
− Between 25 and 50 % of heating costs and the associated environmental and CO2 pollution can be reduced thanks to modern windows.
− Windows help to ensure optimal control of the room climate.
− The right windows can slash the risk of burglary by 80 %.
− Noise pollution from the outside can be reduced by up to 75 % in urban regions with suitable windows.

The site, building and residents are all unique. Therefore, there is no such thing as a perfect standard window solution to suit all demands. Assessing the price alone is not enough to make a sound decision. Windows must be configured to the specific requirements to become the perfect “myWindow”.

bluEvolution 82 MD

Energy efficiency
In a new dimension

Brügmann bluEvolution 82 MD adds a completely new dimension to the concept of energy conservation. The use of a central gasket in the frame further improves the thermal and acoustic performance properties of your windows. Moreover, the sophisticated sealing system provides reliable protection against the effects of weather and makes your home luxuriously comfortable at any time of year.


/// 6-chamber profile

/// Central gasket

/// Construction depth: 82 mm

/// Up to Uw = 0.65 W/(m2K)

/// Glazing: up to 52 mm with adhesive tape adhesion up to 54 mm

/// Sound insulation: up to 47 dB

/// Burglary resistance class 2

/// Areas of application: Side and bottom hung windows, tilt and turn windows, side entrance doors and parallel tilt and slide doors

bluEvolution 82 Alu

A successful comination

To refine the visual appearance of the bluEvolution 82 series, Salamander offers a high-quality aluminium cover profile solution. Anodized or RAL colours, matt or in finely-textured powder coating, DB colours or NCS – every colour wish can be fulfilled. The aluminium cover profile was specifically developed for the bluEvolution 82 system.

Prefabricated, laminated frames, welded or corrugated, or laminated bars for in-house production allow short production times. Simple and rational clip fastenings provide a quick and accurate connection along with the highest levels of quality – without any additional bonding. All common window designs and opening types can be realized, even slanted windows and arches. The aluminium cover profile makes an ideal supplement to the versatile range of profiles in the bluEvolution 82 series – for high-quality windows of any style.


/// Areas of application: Side and bottom hung windows, tilt and turn windows, entrance and side entrance doors

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