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Guardian LamiGlass® is a laminated glass made of two or more panes bonded together with clear PVB interlayers. By using different glass types, and varying the number of interlayers, it can deliver a wide range of performance benefits.

Gergoci glass railing techniques from GLASSINE mix elegant transparency, pure effectivity and examined security. Each system has a modular design and is characterised by high-quality parts that can be utilized to create an unprecedented number of options. Because of the steadily increasing wants of the market, GLASSLINE has given you two progressive developments to the tried and examined Gergoci alu system.

The glass that goes the extra mile

Standard clear glass has an inherent greenish colour due to its iron oxide content. This green tint is visible particularly when viewing the edge of the glass or in a composite stack of many glass lites. Guardian ExtraClear® float glass contains significantly less iron oxide than standard clear float glass, resulting in enhanced colour neutrality in transmission and reflection. Guardian ExtraClear® can be heat treated or laminated and has a wide range of applications including high performance facades, partitions, store fronts, solar control glass, laminated safety glass, and silk-screen printed glass among others.

Intelligent solar control for windows, even large ones

Ideal for renovation projects or new residential builds, Guardian ClimaGuard® Solar coated glass combines a high level of thermal insulation with effective solar protection for windows. Its reduced solar factor minimises air conditioning costs and contributes to an optimal indoor environment all year round. In the winter, its powerful insulation keeps warmth inside. In the summer, it keeps air conditioned spaces cool, both by insulating and selectively reflecting unwanted solar heat, while it permits natural daylight to enter. Guardian ClimaGuard® Solar glass is beautifully transparent, giving designers and builders the freedom to use larger windows, flooding home interiors with natural daylight.

Harness the sun and its light

Guardian ClimaGuard® Premium2 coated glass for double and triple glazing offers an exceptional level of light transmission, allowing a higher amount of natural daylight into residential applications, reducing the need for artificial lighting. A remarkable 74% of light is transmitted in triple glazing, enabling higher levels of transparency without disruptive reflections. The coated glass also offers high solar heat gain, making it suitable for passive house and low energy constructions. As a universal product for double and triple glazing, logistics is simplified as there is no need for multiple products which means reduced stock and improved logistics for glass producers.

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